Seamlessly Transition to the Power of Oracle Cloud

Migrate Oracle On-Premises Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

If your organization relies on complex Oracle-based systems and legacy infrastructures, a move to Oracle Cloud represents a chance to transform. But migration comes with considerable technological and organizational challenges. As a long-trusted Oracle partner, we make cloud adoption smooth, low-risk, and efficient.  

Our certified Oracle cloud migration experts have successfully transitioned several on-prem Oracle databases, applications, and workloads to the cloud - all with no disruptions to operations.

Our Service Offerings

Fusion Cloud Migrations

Migrate on-premise applications to Oracle fusion cloud

Application Migrations

Lift and Shift Services to migrate on premise applications to the cloud

We provide consulting services for

Enterprise Resource Planning


Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing


Human Capital Management


Customer Experience


There were five compelling opportunity areas that motivated Oracle's Enterprise IT to OCI:

  • Cost savings through the consolidation of data centers and less hardware and software maintenance
  • Increased agility through faster product releases and deployments
  • Security enhancements through OCI's autonomous services and virtual network features
  • Better service availability through the avoidance of large, complex infrastructure outages
  • Best-in-industry performance as shown through multiple benchmarks

As a trusted Oracle partner with years of cloud migration experience, we have a strategic 5-stage approach:

Discover and Assess
We conduct in-depth analysis of your existing on-prem Oracle architecture, interfaces, data flows, customizations, and pain points. This informs migration planning.
Design and Validate
Working collaboratively, we design the future-state architecture aligned to business goals. Our cloud experts validate the optimal Oracle Cloud configurations and migration paths for your distinct environment.
Build and Integrate
We set up your Oracle Cloud components, databases, and application logic - ensuring seamless integrations between cloud, migrated solutions, and retained on-prem systems per the validate design.
Migrate and Deploy
We migrate application data/content using proven tools and error-free techniques. Our team migrates and deploys the Oracle solutions themselves on cloud with no disruption to you.
Manage and Optimize

Post-migration, we offer application management services optimized for cloud. But more importantly, we help you continually refine Oracle Cloud solutions to better advance key objectives.
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