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Headquartered in Bengaluru, the Global IT City, our team combines strong local presence with a global delivery model scaling to meet the needs of today's multinational organizations. Contact us today to learn more about how our Oracle cloud consulting services can accelerate your digital transformation.
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AgileIDC is a leading services provider of best-in-class IT Solutions. Some of the world's most well-known brands and companies trust us as their chosen partner to address their critical IT requirements. As an Innovation Partner, we also help transform our clients business by deploying technology to address mission-critical aspects of their daily business. Whether it is a logistics firm that needs to revolutionize its supply chain solution or a retailer who wants to leverage technology for superior consumer experience, we have the end-to-end skill-sets to deliver an unmatched level of technology expertise.


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"Listening, Understanding, Agreeing and Doing it Right.
We excel both at developing and managing Product Platforms as also delivering pure Software Services. Our outcome-based solutions empower all our clients to be at ease with the assurance that we are committed to the effectiveness and benefits realization of all the solutions we deploy and manage. In short, we take pride in being a key part of our clients business and seeing them transform into market leaders in their respective areas of operation. A number of our clients stand testimony to our quality of work and domain know-how. We bring diverse expertise all under one roof so that you can leave your technology needs to us with full confidence in its quality outcome. Technology is our passion at AgileIDC - contact us to know more about next-generation technology solutions that will transform your business.

Vision & Mission

We work closely with clients to understand their unique needs & develop customized technology solutions.
"To be the preferred Partner of choice by recognizing the needs of an evolving technology landscape to develop and deploy high-grade IT Solutions across the Globe that meet our clients' business requirements of today and equip them for a better tomorrow."
To turn your Technology Infrastructure into vital assets by combining leading-edge IT Strategy, Cost Effectiveness, Feature-Rich & Reliable IT Solutions that will always keep you one step ahead. Our corporate ethos of Integrity, Delivery and Customer Satisfaction helps us work together diligently to add value to your technology and business needs.

Agile Methodology for Optimal Outcomes 

Discover and Assess
We conduct in-depth analysis of your existing on-prem Oracle architecture, interfaces, data flows, customizations, and pain points. This informs migration planning.
Design and Validate
Working collaboratively, we design the future-state architecture aligned to business goals. Our cloud experts validate the optimal Oracle Cloud configurations and migration paths for your distinct environment.
Build and Integrate
We set up your Oracle Cloud components, databases, and application logic - ensuring seamless integrations between cloud, migrated solutions, and retained on-prem systems per the validate design.
Migrate and Deploy
We migrate application data/content using proven tools and error-free techniques. Our team migrates and deploys the Oracle solutions themselves on cloud with no disruption to you.
Manage and Optimize

Post-migration, we offer application management services optimized for cloud. But more importantly, we help you continually refine Oracle Cloud solutions to better advance key objectives.

The IDC Principles

We live by three core principles

At AgileIDC, we firmly believe that strong values shape strong companies. We live by three core principles - Integrity, Delivery, and Customer Success & Satisfaction (IDC). These values guide every decision we make and action we take as a company.

Doing Things Right

We live by the ethos of "Right" to guide our actions

At AgileIDC, we firmly believe in doing things right across every aspect of our business. This means developing our people with the right skills and values to deliver the best possible products and services to our customers.

We onboard people with the right talent, mindset and cultural fit to become valuable long-term members of our team. Taking the time upfront to hire right is key.
We foster a culture of open, transparent and respectful communication across all levels. Sharing information and ideas appropriately leads to better outcomes.
We keep our commitments to customers by delivering high-quality work on time and to specification, every time. There are no compromises here.
We showcase our capabilities, products and services accurately and truthfully. There is no over promising - we let our execution do the talking.
We diligently upkeep systems, processes and practices to sustain quality over time. Consistency comes from discipline.
We celebrate successes and highlight examples that uphold our values. Positive reinforcement of doing things right perpetuates the culture.

Developing the Right People with the Right Skills & the Right Values

By institutionalizing the discipline of doing things right at every step, we build trust with our customers, partners and team members. This consistency powers our ability to support our stakeholders’ needs, retain top talent and cultivate an organization focused on continuous excellence. Our six Rights keep us moving in the right direction.

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